Bird Nest Branding Consultation Service

Are you owning SWIFLET farming?  

Or are you distributing BIRD NEST UNPROCESSED products?

Are you dreaming to have your own BRANDING? 

The old adage, "failing to plan is planning to fail" was never truer than when it comes to business plans.

An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly does "branding" mean? Your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from that of your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

We assist you to create your own BRAND and make possible to market your BIRD NEST products in variety of form to the market needs. We assist you to become the leader of BIRD NEST products provider in dedicated field.

We are officially providing BIRD NEST BRANDING Consultation Service to assist those who would like to make their own brand for BIRD NEST market. We help those who are the FARMER/OWNER of bird nest farming, DISTRIBUTOR of bird nest products and etc.

We provide:
  1. SSM
  2. LOGO with branding design
  3. Market price standardization and survey
  4. Marketing Material such as hard-copy brochure, poster, business card, website and etc.
  5. Providing accessories needed for branding process such as BIRD NEST packaging box, bottling for BIRD NEST drink and CONCENTRATED BIRD NEST.
  6. Website/ Blog/ eCommerce Website  
  7. Trademark/ Patent
  8. Nutrition facts testing
  9. All design included bird nest drinks's sticker, packaging box, brochure and car sign etc.
  10. More...
Brand is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's product distinct from those of other sellers.


Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to foster entrepreneurial growth by helping people with entrepreneurial potential, like you, to realize their dreams. Our mission is to assist you in exploring opportunities, launching new ventures, or growing your existing business by providing productive business solutions and recommendations.

Size Doesn't Matter

Most consultancies focus their services on medium to large corporations. They have limited availability for small projects, and when they do, they are expensive. NUMIT’ expertise is in helping small businesses. We value your business even if you are only just starting out. Our focus is on helping you achieve your dreams and goals, and our values and approach reflect that.

Relationship-Oriented - We're Your Business Friend 

We place ourselves in your shoes and think outside in. Our belief is that only when we have established a trust relationship with you, do we deserve the business you are entrusting us with. We believe in long-term relationships, and we will support your business vision even after the completion of your project.

We Understand You

As an entrepreneur himself, we understands small business operators’ needs and challenges intimately. Her personal experience in starting and operating small businesses sets him apart from corporate consultants who do not have experience with micro-scale businesses. We understand you. 



First of all, thanks for choosing NUMIT BIRD NEST BRANDING CONSULTATION SERVICE. As a bird nest owner you are most likely very, very good at what you do.  However, many bird nest owners find that they are not very, very good at the day-to-day operations of running the business.  Here, we come alongside you and help inject much needed common sense into your business structure. 
We are business management consultants specializing in implementing well proven management profitability and organizational improvements. We understand the many challenges facing bird nest businesses in today's fast-paced and competitive climate. We understand because many of our associates have owned or currently head-up their own successful business organizations.                                                               

NUMIT can help you:
·         cut operational costs within your budget
·         reduce business risk
·         create brand value on time
·         achieve maximum profit
·         transform your company into an innovative market leader ahead of the competition


A business plan is paramount. We can help. We develop full business plans for start-ups and existing businesses that are looking for financing, entering new markets, introducing new products, or restructuring. Here, branding is about 2 basic concepts, establish between the corporate side of the company and consumers. Personalisation is an important part of the process when building a NEW BRAND. The more consumers relate to the products or services offered by your company, the more likely they are to place your company at the TOP of their list.

Results You Can Expect: 

Every business starts with a strong business plan – it is the foundation and the building block of every company. With our help, we can provide an excellent plan for you.


Are you having problems differentiating your business from your competitors? Maybe you are struggling with selling your products and services because your customers or clients do not know you. Or perhaps you are running low on ideas to market your business.
We have a solution for you. We create full marketing plans to help you enter the market and create your new brand. With our help, you will be able to refine your products and services, identify market segments, select distribution channels, create effective promotional strategies, and utilize various pricing tactics to gain optimal profit.

Results You Can Expect: 

Your customers or clients will now get your message and distinguish you from the sea of bird nest competitors. Most importantly, with the right mix of marketing strategies, your customers will ACT on the message and buy bird nest from you. With a strong marketing plan, you will not only build brand identity, you will enhance your revenue.


You may be caught in the daily operations of your business so much so that you are losing sight of the big picture. Or perhaps you are contemplating a change to the core of your business and expansion geographically, but you do not know how that will impact the rest of your operations.

We develop full strategic plans to help you define the core values of your organizations and key business activities so that you can meet your objectives once again. We will dissect your organization and analyse your internal operations as well as the external environment your business is operating within. We will also work with you to set new goals, create new strategies and timelines, and determine your success criteria for you to run a successful business long term.

Results You Can Expect: 

Most companies and organizations need a vision and strategic plan, but few have it. Your Plan will put you ahead of many of your competitors. You will now have short and long-term goals for your business in key performance areas which will help you stay focused. Your business activities or issues, such as operating costs, customer satisfaction, quality of goods or services, etc., will subsequently be improved with a more focused vision.

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