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What are the nutritious contents found in Bird Nest?

What are the nutritious contents found in Bird Nest?

About half the bird’s nest comprises of protein. Protein is a macro nutrient that the human body needs in relatively large amounts. First, it provides the essential amino acids that our own tissues can't produce. Secondly, protein provides nitrogen to produce non-essential amino acids and other nitrogen-containing compounds.


Amino Acid 
Bird's nest contains amino acids such as arginine cystein, histidine tryptophan, etc.. Amino acids can be best described as the construction blocks from which protein is made.

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Various types of minerals like zinc, copper, iron, sodium, phosphorous have also been found in analyses of bird’s nests. These minerals are essential as our need for oxygen to sustain all mental and physical processes and for our total well-being. They are important in maintaining all physiological processes as they made up the constituents of teeth, bones, tissues, blood, muscle, and nerve cells.

Antioxidants are substances or nutrients in our foods which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. Health problems such as heart disease, muscular degeneration, diabetes, cancer, etc.. are all contributed by oxidative damage. Antioxidants may also boast our immune defence and therefore lower the risk of cancer and infection.

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Bird Nest table of contents

Ash0.5 - 0.7%
Fibre0.5 - 0.7%
Protein56.7% - 63.5%
Fats0.5 - 1%
Moisture+ - 10%
Carbohydrate20.1 - 25.7%

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How do I store Bird Nest?

Bird Nest can be stored in any container that is dry and preferably airtight. Bird Nest can be kept at room temperature or even in the refrigerator.

How often can I eat Bird Nest? Can I eat too much Bird Nest?

Bird Nest can be consumed daily. An average person can consume anything
between 3g to 5g of dry Bird Nest. Any excess consumption will be discharged by the body.

Who is unsuitable to eat Bird Nest? Who is suitable?

Bird Nest is suitable for all age groups but some small minority of people who are allergic
to protein may find it unsuitable. A small sip of Bird Nest soup will make their lips swollen. Please consult doctor if allergic to bird nest.

When is the best time to consume Bird Nest?

It is best to drink Bird Nest soup before sleep as the rich antioxidants will help the body to
eradicate free radicals as the body heals during our sleep.

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What are the health benefits of eating Bird Nest?

From the chemical analysis report of pure bird nest, we can identify soluble amino acids that
will help to repair body cells and generate new cells. The antioxidant helps to eradicate
free radicals in the body. Bird Nest also contains EGF (epidermal growth factor) which produces
an anti ageing effect, making regular Bird Nest consumers young and radiant looking.
Many clinical trials of using Bird Nest as an anti-cancer food is now currently being conducted.

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House Bird Nest is better than Cave Bird Nest? True or not?

In Malaysia, cave bird's nests are mainly harvested from natural caves in the states of Sarawak and Sabah on Borneo Island. The famous caves are located at Niah, Kakus, Baram and Tinjar.

The harvesters often face considerable danger when harvesting these bird nests. Since cave bird nests are formed by free, naturally-living swiftlets, some people consider them to be more valuable than birds nests found in houses. Thus, cave bird nests often fetch a higher price as compared to house bird nest.

However, unknown to many consumers in the market, cave bird nests generally contain more foreign materials and feathers than house nests.  Besides, cave bird nest are exposed to the risk of heavy metals contamination from external environmental factors. So, consume cave bird's nest at your own risk!

Red Blood Bird's Nest (Red Bird Nest) Is Not As Good As You Think!

It is believed that the red-coloured “blood bird nest” is specially prized because they are formed by swiftlets that vomit their blood to build the nest.

There is also another belief that the “blood bird nest” was formed by a different species of swiftlet which consumes different kinds of water and food.

Contrary to these beliefs, swiftlets do not vomit blood; neither do they consume different kinds of water and food. In general, Bird's nests act like sponges. They absorb the chemical elements from the environment such as iron from the cave walls, dirty waters and poisons. Hence, “blood bird nest” may be harmful rather than beneficial to human beings.

Some dishonest bird nest traders even dyed their bird’s nests red in order to fetch a higher price. So, play it safe – choose only pure bird’s nest!

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燕窝的功效 The Benefits to consume Bird Nest ~~

燕窝的功效 ~~健康、美体、保健、养生乃是现代人追崇的目标 The Benefits to consume Bird Nest...

健康、美体、保健、养生乃是现代人追崇的目标,所谓 “健康就是财富”,从古至今人类不断的找寻延年益寿,养生保健的方法。
燕窝的主要功效有:益气、和中、润肺、开胃、化痰、止嗽、添精、补髓、壮阳、治膈痰、痰喘。 —— 《中国医学大辞典》

Health, beauty, fitness and well being are the much sought-after objectives of modern society. Thus, we have the common saying of “Health is Wealth”. We have ceaselessly sought various means to prolong our lives and to preserve our well being.
Certainly, bird’s nest is the quick and perfect nourishment for those who are frail or are ecuperating to regain their health; it is the beauty super-food for women; a shield of health for the elderly; a catalyst of growth for the young as well as a virility potion for men.
The fact remains that bird’s nest is a natural health food; it contains rich nutrients that our body needs, and at the same time it give us the benefits of detoxification, restoration and nourishment of our bodies. Bird’s nest has been well- recognized as “Extraordinary Medicine” and “Oriental Delicacy” since ancient times.

The Chinese Medical Dictionary lists the following major therapeutic effects of bird’s nest: supplementing Qi, aiding digestion, nourishing lungs, increasing appetite, stopping cough, improving fertility, reinforcing bone-marrow, strengthening virility, curing phrenic sputum and alleviating asthma.


女人 Women

Bird’s nest is not just the primary choice for a natural skin supplement, but it is the super-food for anti-aging. This is due to bird’s nest containing anti-oxidant minerals that fight the signs of aging. It also lightens skin pigmentation and reduces wrinkles, thus diminishing the fear of aging. It can effectively nurture the skin to promote the benefits of lightening, tightening, moisturizing and smoothening. Bird’s nest also contains a high quantity of gelatinous minerals, which also has a slimming effect and thus translates to a shapelier bodyline. In a nutshell, bird’s nest is the best anti-aging health product for women.

男人 Men

Bird’s nest is not just a God-send for women, but it is also a supplement to replenish vitality for men. The rich protein and carbohydrate in bird’s nest quickly reenergizes its regular consumers. Long-term consumption will help to improve the mental alertness and energy level, as well as the virility of men. This is especially beneficial for working adults who live a hectic life since consuming bird’s nest helps reduce the level of lethargy and stress.

孕妇 Pregnant Mothers

Under the concept of dual-nourishment for both mother and fetus, expectant mothers must be careful of their food intake in order to promote the development of healthy fetuses. The rich, active protein C in bird’s nest not only spurs the growth of human tissues, but with all the abundant nutrients it contains, bird’s nest is also able to raise the immunity levels of the human body. This helps lead to a stronger and fairer newborn. Secondly, bird’s nest has the property of stabilizing and calming pregnancies, thus easing the travail during child-birth.

老人 Elderly

Bird’s nest’s gelatinous component contains rich collagen that alleviates the pains of arthritis. Consumption of bird’s nest can improve appetite, aid digestion, strengthen the physique, nourish lungs, improve eyesight as well as elevate the immune system.

小孩 Children

For diminutive young bodies, bird’s nest is able to boost the immune system, strengthen the body and alleviate allergies. It also improves the appetite and metabolism of children. Bird’s nest contains multiple amino-acids that promote mental alertness in children when consumed regularly. It is the best natural supplement for boosting their energy level and mental faculty when they study. If and when a child is suffering from whooping cough, consumption of bird’s nest is able to stop the coughing and heal the lungs.

青少年 Adolescents

Adolescence is the period where the most rapid growth of the body takes place. It is a time when sufficient nutrients are required to meet the demands of the physical, psychological and intellectual developments that take place. Bird’s nest contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which can strengthen the physique, improve mental growth, enhance memory and promote all functional capacities of the body.

病患者 Patients

Bird’s nest is an organic food product which contains natural nutrients and amino-acids. It helps patients improve their metabolism, re-vitalize their energy and strengthen the functions of their organs. For those who suffer from tracheitis, asthma or regularly contract colds, regular consumption of bird’s nest soothes the trachea and sustains a clear respiratory system that will enable the body to recuperate quickly. The efficacy of bird’s nest on nurturing the renal and respiratory functions is able to alleviate the deficiency of both systems. Bird’s nest is effective in promoting a quick recovery from illness and helps patients regain their vitality quickly.