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健康、美体、保健、养生乃是现代人追崇的目标,所谓 “健康就是财富”,从古至今人类不断的找寻延年益寿,养生保健的方法。
燕窝的主要功效有:益气、和中、润肺、开胃、化痰、止嗽、添精、补髓、壮阳、治膈痰、痰喘。 —— 《中国医学大辞典》

The Effects of Bird’s Nest

Health, beauty, fitness and well-being are the much sought-after objectives of modern society. Thus, we have the common saying of “Health is Wealth”. We have ceaselessly sought various means to prolong our lives and to preserve our well-being.
Certainly, bird’s nest is the quick and perfect nourishment for those who are frail or are ecuperating to regain their health; it is the beauty super-food for women; a shield of health for the elderly; a catalyst of growth for the young as well as a virility potion for men.
The fact remains that bird’s nest is a natural health food; it contains rich nutrients that our body needs, and at the same time it give us the benefits of detoxification, restoration and nourishment of our bodies. Bird’s nest has been well- recognized as “Extraordinary Medicine” and “Oriental Delicacy” since ancient times.
The Chinese Medical Dictionary lists the following major therapeutic effects of bird’s nest: supplementing Qi, aiding digestion, nourishing lungs, increasing appetite, stopping cough, improving fertility, reinforcing bone-marrow, strengthening virility, curing phrenic sputum and alleviating asthma.
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